Are you happy with your eye color? Many people were born with an eye color that they wouldn't have chosen. Unlike hair color, which can normally be changed quite easily with bleach or dye, changing eye color can be an obstacle. Color contact lenses can be tricky to put in, one has to go to an expensive optician to get a prescription, and even then, color contacts don't always produce a satisfactory color. There is also the fairly-recent option of   surgery to install an artificial iris. However, this surgery is very expensive, it's only offered by a few doctors worldwide, and the long-term effects of this surgery are still unknown. One other option to change eye color is through hypnosis. There is a self-hypnosis program that can help you change your eye color to the one that you've always dreamed of, whether it's sky blue, a clear gray, a verdant green, a sultry hazel, or chocolate brown. Self-hypnosis is safe and inexpensive, and it only takes a small amount of time each day. More information is available here


Would You Like Better Eyesight?

It's a nuisance to be short- or far-sighted. One has to either wear glasses or contact lenses, along with having the expense and bother or caring for them, plus the annual eye exams to update the prescription. The most popular alternative is expensive laser surgery, with the recovery time and the risk of complications. Self-hypnosis can also help to improve your vision. If you would like 20/20 vision, read more here



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